Wallpaper Grasscloth Bedroom

Naturally beautiful grasscloth

Grasscloth is a wallcovering made of woven fibers that offers unique textures, looks and designs. As opposed to “regular” wallpaper, grasscloth* is not as well known. It’s a natural and eco-friendly product that is prized for its texture, its neutral effect on the environment and its natural appearance. Today, using environmentally-friendly grasscloth makes a positive, modern statement that is also very elegant.
Grasscloth is available in either coarse or fine natural texture and in many colors. Fine-woven grasscloth can be made of grass or silk, which provide an elegant sheen. There are newly colored grasses for a more dramatic effect.

Exotic and natural

Grasscloth is appreciated for its lush texture and natural look. Grasscloth lets your walls embrace nature with textures and materials as peaceful as a meadow or as evocative as a tropical river. No wonder decorators use it to complement natural settings, exotic decors and antique rooms. You can use grasscloth to create a simple and elegant look or a more exotic atmosphere. It is gracefully understated in a classic room, but when paired with exotic woods and furniture, it can create a pleasingly exotic mood. It can also be used to create illusions: the horizontal direction of a grasscloth makes the walls appear wider.

Creating a beautiful room with grasscloth is easy; just remember to complement or contrast.


• Silk is a natural contrast to grasscloth. Together, they can create wonderful visual and textural effects.
• Natural grasscloth can be the link between antique and modern furnishing. Classic wood
  furniture will suit a grasscloth-covered room, but more structural furniture is also a great choice as it will make the natural fibers stand out.


• Evoke memories of outdoor pleasures by using grasscloth as a natural backdrop. Complement the wallcovering with natural colors and textures.
• Wicker and grasscloth are a match made in country heaven.
• Grasscloth is a great backdrop for other natural fibers like linen or silk, so don’t hesitate to use them.
• Pair smooth leathers and rustic woods with natural grasscloth for a more organic feel.
  Design by Color offers a wide selection of grasscloth. For more information and samples, visit our interactive shopping section or contact us today.

Wallpaper Grasscloth Table