Wallpaper Murals

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How to decorate with wallpaper murals

A wall mural is an instant eye catcher. It adds dimension and depth to any room, taking it from bland to spectacular. Great for small rooms as well as larger surfaces, wall murals can dramatically change the design and visual aspect of any space. By means of the right tips and tricks, you too can use a wall mural to complement any room.

Making use of large surfaces

If you have a large room, take advantage of the possibilities. Wall murals are ideal for large surfaces: they create a focus and draw the eye. What’s more, you can use larger walls to display works of art or artistic landscapes.

The advantages of wall murals

Wallpaper murals are practical and easy to use because they are prepasted. Furthermore, they are easy to maintain and remove since they are washable and strippable. You can even create more intricate design schemes by using the right wall mural. Design by Color has a vast selection of wallpaper murals for every room. Our wall murals are available with various patterns, pictures and designs. To order a sample, shop our wallcoverings!

Accenting small rooms

Even with a small room, a wallpaper mural can still be your best decorating asset. A mini mural can be used in many ways as an accent for small spaces. Applied to a sliding closet or on a headboard, it can really attract the eye. What’s more, you can use your wall mural to create a visual effect. A wall mural at the end of a narrow room will create an illusion of a wider space, while a mural in a niche space will extend the room.

Decorating a child’s room

Wall murals are a classic decorating device for a child’s room. What’s great with a wall mural is that it tells a story. With their patterns, colorful character and out of this world landscapes, wallpaper murals set the imagination free and create a magical world.

Wall murals are great for creating a theme room. You can appeal to the child’s taste, choosing a mural that fits his or her hobbies or favorite characters. Some of our most popular wall murals feature life-size Disney or Sesame Street characters. They make it easy to create a fairytale playroom, a racetrack bedroom or a Sesame Street themed bedroom.